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Southwest Florida Region

Welcome to Change

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My Op-Ed on the 

2019 Government Shutdown

and How It Relates to 

Our Current Economy

Click Here to View (PDF)

The Economic Challenges of the Middle Class

In today's economy, even two-income families

struggle to make ends meet. (2016)

Duration:  7 minutes

A Real Education: The Plight of Teachers

( CBS Sunday Morning - September 2019 )

Duration:  8 minutes

Student Loans: More Debt, 

More Defaults, More Problems (2012)

Duration:  8 minutes

Many Older Workers Can't Afford to Retire (2020)

Duration:  7 minutes

Millions of Americans Saddled with Student Debt (2021)

Duration: 8 minutes

Millennials are Changing the Workforce and 

Demanding Change from Our Government

How Millennials are Changing America

Duration:  4 minutes

Are Millennials the Unluckiest Generation? 

Duration:  12 minutes

Why Democratic Socialism Is Gaining Popularity 

Duration:  26 minutes

Learn More About the 

Socialism vs Capitalism Debate 

Millennials are Creating a Shift in the Workforce

Duration:  3 minutes

What is Working in Small Business:

Article posted on 12/16/2015

"Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the       World,  and Most People Haven't Noticed"

Reasons 2, 3, and 4 are really important and 3 is the key!

Click Here to Read the Above Article

The Changing Millennial Consumer

Duration:  3 minutes

How climate change inaction could impact

millennials lifetime income potential.

Duration:  6 minutes

A discussion on how technology and UBI can help transition

into a new workforce and positively impact climate change.

Duration:  9 minutes

The Great Economic Reset

The World Economic Forum is

calling for a new form of capitalism.

Duration:  4 minutes

The Labor Shortage Means Worker Power (2021)

Duration:  8 minutes

Labor Experts Predict a Resignation Boom (2021)

Duration: 7 minutes

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

The Real Reason Workers Aren't Running Back

to Restaurant Jobs (2021)

Duration:  9 minutes

The Washington Post:

Article posted on 6/20/2021

"The Economy Isn't Going Back to February 2020.

Fundamental Shifts Have Occurred."

Click Here to Read the Above Article

The Miami Herald:

Article posted on 6/21/2021

" 'A Wake-Up Call': Miami  Hotel Workers Resist 

Going Back To Low-Wage Normal."

Click Here to Read the Above Article

US Workers are Looking for More Incentives

Duration:  3 minutes       (10/6/2021)

The Pandemic Pushed Workers to Leave Their Jobs

Duration:  9 minutes       (10/8/2021)

The Washington Post:

Article posted on 10/11/2021

"Warehouse jobs — recently thought of as jobs 

of the future — are suddenly jobs few workers want."

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Article posted on 6/21/2021

"Retail workers are quitting at record rates 

for higher-paying work." 

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Business Insider:

Article posted on 10/12/2021

"In August, more than 4 million workers quit - marking the fifth month in a row of record exits."

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Employment in America: A Shifting Workforce (2021)

Duration:  57 minutes

Technology, Capitalism and

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

What Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Duration:  4 minutes

Are We Nearing the End of Capitalism?

Duration:  3 minutes

Can Free Money Help Society?

Duration:  5 minutes

The Impact of Automation on the U.S. Economy

      September 4, 2020                              Duration:  14 minutes

Learn More About the Future of Work

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