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The Secret to Wealth

Be a Student of the Money Game 

Create a Budget and Increase Your Cash Flow

Starting Your Passive Income Journey

Financial Security in the 21st Century

Do you want to learn how to get out of debt and improve your financial situation?

The powerpoint presentation below explains the how, what, and why’s of financial planning in the 21st century. The presentation is like a 4 hour “mini-course” on Personal Finance Management, and includes links to YouTube videos.

The powerpoint presentation has 29 slides 

and is divided into four 1 hour sections:

1. The Income Crisis (6 videos)

2. The Workforce of the Future (4 videos)

3. Learn from an Expert (8 videos)

4. What is Wealth (4 videos)

<= Click on the image to view the powerpoint

Financial Advice for Small Business Entrepreneurs 

Becoming Wealthy is a Mindset

Active Income vs Passive Income

**Credit cards filled this role during the "prosperous" 1990's and early 2000's...

- which is part of the problem.

A Key Principle to Wealth:

Understanding the Difference Between Assets and Liabilities

The American Dream is embedded in the idea of free enterprise and business ownership. For decades, the Network Marketing & Direct Selling Industry has provided average Americans the opportunity to achieve great wealth and success. 

Why NOW is The PRIME TIME For Network Marketing (2011)

Successful and respected people understand the benefit of network marketing.

The Key to Financial Security:

Step 1:

Make purchases online (E-Commerce)

Step 2:

Refer others to make purchases from the

same online company (Duplication)

Step 3:

Earn a percentage (%) based on the total

purchases made by your "network of

shoppers" (Residual Income ... aka wealth)

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