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Southwest Florida Region

The Future of Work

Economists Debate the Future of Work

Duration: 9 minutes

The Impact of Automation on the Future Workforce


Part 1:

The Future Is Automated and Every Job is at Risk

Duration: 15 minutes

Part 2:

How Robots & AI Will Transform America

Duration: 15 minutes

Will Robots & Automation Threaten U.S. Jobs?

Duration: 7 minutes

Part 3:

Will Robots Make Us Poor?

Duration: 13 minutes

Technology is changing how we do things... are you ready? (Use full screen if needed)

Cars with No Steering Wheel

Duration:  3 minutes

Driverless Cars will Change Cities

Duration:  9 minutes

Driverless Cars will Change 

the Rules of Real Estate

Duration:  12 minutes

Do Labor-Saving Robots Spell Doom for Workers? (2015)

Duration: 9 minutes

Humans Need Not Apply

Duration: 15 minutes

15 Jobs That Will Disappear in 20 Years (2017)

Duration: 17 minutes

Article posted on 5/22/2015

"Why Raising the Minimum Wage

Means the End of Unqualified Labor

and Rise of Unemployment "

Click Here to Read

the Above Article

The New York Times:

Article posted on 7/4/2021

"Pandemic Wave of Automation   

May Be Bad News for Workers"

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Business Insider:

Article posted on 10/1/2021

"Wells Fargo's Mike Mayo expects 

automation to kill off 100,000 banking jobs:

'It's really a swap to bots from bankers'"

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Banking Industry Shifting Jobs to Automation

(October 1, 2021)                              Duration: 6 minutes

Is THIS The Future of Work? Meet Your New "Co-Workers?!"

Tesla Bot vs. Boston Dynamics Atlas! (8/20/2021)

​Duration: 9 minutes

Xiaomi Cyber Dog vs. Boston Dynamics Spot! (8/13/2021)

​Duration: 7 minutes

Testing Universal Basic Income

Duration: 6 minutes

Business Insider:

Article posted on 8/20/2021

"Elon Musk Says We Need 

Universal Basic Income Because 

'In the Future, Physical Work Will Be a Choice.'"

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Business Insider:

Article posted on 8/19/2021

"Elon Musk Unveils 'Tesla Bot,' 

a Humanoid Robot That Would 

Be Made from Tesla's Self-Driving AI"

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Meet Leonardo (LEO): A walking robot drone - 10/7/2021

Duration: 2 minutes

What LEO sounds like - adjust volume if needed

Duration: 2 minutes

TedTalks (2014)

The Disruptive Power of the Internet

Duration: 13 minutes

A New Renaissance for Humans

Duration: 15 minutes

Watch More Videos 

from Economic Thinkers

VICE on HBO: The Future of Work

(Originally Aired on November 20, 2019)

Duration: 55 minutes

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