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Johnny D's

Health Zone Plus

"The Healthy Choice for Healthy Lifestyles"

Southwest Florida Region

Sports Nutrition & Energy Drinks

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Motivational & Inspirational Videos

Powerful & Inspiring Motivational Speech

Inky Johnson talks about how his process of hard work helped 

him overcome adversity after a football injury changed his life.

(Duration: 30 minutes)

Perception Drives Performance - 7 minutes

Consider the Other Side - 4 minutes

When Life Hits You - 11 minutes

Steve Harvey: When Choices Become Costly - 6 minutes

I Can Make It - 4 minutes

Will Smith: Motivation - 35 minutes

Dwayne Johnson: Be the Hardest Worker in the Room - 7 minutes

Kevin Hart: Positivity (some mature language) - 8 minutes

Will Smith: Motivational Advice - 10 minutes

Robert Downey Jr.: Chasing Goals - 6 minutes

Kobe Bryant: Don't Waste Your Life - 10 minutes

Denzel Washington: Dream Big - 10 minutes

Sylvester Stallone: Why I Succeed - 10 minutes

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Why Only a Few Succeed - 10 minutes

Matthew McConaughey: Most Don't Understand - 6 minutes

Chadwick Boseman: Find Your Purpose - 5 minutes

Ethan Hawke: Be Creative - 9 minutes

Oprah Winfrey: Change Your Thoughts - 7 minutes

Women in Business: Secrets to Success - 3 minutes

Women in Business: Life Lessons - 9 minutes

Oprah Winfrey: Stop Wishing and Start Doing - 28 minutes

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