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Johnny D's Health Zone Plus

"The Healthy Choice for Healthy Lifestyles"

Southwest Florida Region

Mental Health

Duration:  6 minutes

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The Mental Health Continuum

The common causes of mental illness and how 

you can stay mentally healthy in times of adversity.

Duration:  6 minutes

The Mental Health Crisis in America

Mental Health Crisis During Covid-19  (March, 2021)

Duration:  8 minutes

American Farmers Struggle with Mental Health  (2018)

Duration:  6 minutes

Mental Health & Financial Problems

A very informative discussion on how to address 

mental health concerns while living on a budget.

Duration:  26 minutes                      (December, 2020)

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Duration:  25 minutes

Duration:  11 minutes

Duration:  6 minutes

Maurice Benard is an American actor, best known for his role as Sonny Corinthos on the ABC soap opera "General Hospital". 

He started his "State of Mind" podcast to talk about mental health issues - including his battle with depression and bipolar disorder.

His podcast also includes interviews and discussions with fellow actors on the topic.

How "State of Mind" Started    (July, 2021 VLOG)

Duration:  6 minutes


Interviews & Discussions

Physical Health is Good for Mental Health

Duration:  5 minutes

Feed Your Mental Health

Psychiatrist, Dr. Drew Ramsey, talks about how 

different foods can affect our mental health.

Duration:  16 minutes                           ( April, 2020 TedTalk )

Nutrition & Mental Health

Clinical Psychologist, Julia Rucklidge, talks about 

the role of nutrition on mental health.

Duration:  18 minutes                           ( 2014 TedTalk )

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Vitamins & Supplements

Learn more about music and mental health...