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In the News: What's Happening in Business & the Economy

October 2020

12 minutes

12 minutes

South Korea experiments with universal basic income

as a government response to high unemployment.

October 9, 2020                    Duration: 7 minutes

Business Insider:

Article posted on 10/10/2020

"Canada's 'beautifully surprising' basic income study  

  shows how business needs to reconsider human nature"

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September 2020

The combined impact of income inequality & coronavirus.

September 6, 2020                    Duration:  8 minutes

How unemployment impacted millennials during Covid.

September 17, 2020                 Duration: 12 minutes

Older Americans - known as "workampers" -  live full-time 

in motor homes, while working season jobs.

September 24, 2020                 Duration: 9 minutes

September 29, 2020                    Duration:  7 minutes


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