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Johnny D's Health Zone Plus

"The Healthy Choice for Healthy Lifestyles"

Southwest Florida Region

Life In the Future 

Check out a young Wink Martin​dale (host of the 1980's game show Tic-Tac-Dough) working at his "home video screen system".

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

YouTube Originals: "The Age of AI", Episode 1 - 35 minutes

The Age of A.I. is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the 

ways Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world.

Watch More Episodes of the 

YouTube Originals Series "The Age of AI"

The Pros & Cons of AI  - 43 minutes

How AI is Changing Our Society  - 43 minutes

Watch More Videos About AI on the

DW Documentary YouTube Channel

TEDx Talks on AI

Duration: 19 minutes

Duration: 15 minutes

Duration: 14 minutes

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