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Southwest Florida Region

Financial Health & Wealth

Andrew Yang - The Impact of Robots on the Workforce

Duration:  5 minutes

Life After Automation

Duration: 23 minutes

What is the Future of Capitalism?

Duration:  8 minutes

Andrew Yang - UBI & Human-Centered Capitalism

Duration:  14 minutes

Andrew Yang thinks the entire 

socialism-capitalism dichotomy is out-of-date.

Duration:  6 minutes

Andrew Yang spoke at the 2018 Iowa Wing Ding, the largest Democratic event in the state of Iowa, and presented a vision for an economy that works for all of us and one that values humans more than profits.

Duration:  16 minutes

Can Universal Basic Income Work In America?

Duration:  12 minutes

Throughout history activists, business leaders, 

economists, and prominent politicians have 

proposed basic income as a solution to many 

of the economic ills and injustices our country faces. 

Duration:  4 minutes

Without the ability for consumers to buy things... 

capitalism can not work!

UBI - What Happens When you Give Money Away?

Duration: 56 minutes

Andrew Yang Podcast Interviews on 

UBI, Automation, and a Post-Covid Economy

"Technology is the oil of the 21st century"

- Andrew Yang

Duration: 11 minutes

Joe Rogan Interviews Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang talks about the impact of automation on our workforce and how it is causing a decline in American life expectancy. According to Yang, mental health issues will be 

a major concern as jobs are lost. Therefore, finding new meaning in our work will be the challenge moving forward.

Click Here to Watch the Full 2 Hour Interview 

The interview is very informative and is worth the time. 

Joe Biden Interviews Andrew Yang

Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks with Entrepreneur and former 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang on 

the "Here's The Deal" podcast. (Audio only)

They discuss the technological and corporate culture changes impacting the work force and how the United States should respond to this "4th Industrial Revolution".

                         Duration:  24 minutes

How COVID Accelerated the Arrival of our Future

May 2020         Duration: 1 hr 30 min  (Audio Only)

Andrew Yang and Anthony Scaramucci discuss the

idea of moving to a 4-day work week.  (Audio only)

- *Yang Speaks podcast (*some mature language)

June 2020            Duration:  10 minutes

Andrew Yang and Mark Cuban debate the concept of

universal basic income and other economic issues. 

- *Yang Speaks podcast (*some mature language)

June 2020            Duration:  50 minutes

Watch More Videos from 

Yang Speaks Youtube Channel  

Andrew Yang Speaks in Iowa - November 1, 2019

Duration:  11 minutes

How to Become Wealthy in Today's Economy

The 3 Levels of Wealth

Duration:  5 minutes 

Click Here to view more videos 

from Business Secrets

How To Make Money While You Sleep

Duration:  5 minutes 

Business Insider:

Article posted on 3/3/2016

"Here's the salary you have to earn to buy 

  a home in 19 major US cities" 

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Learn More About the 

Socialism vs Capitalism Debate 

Learn More About the 

Financial Health of Our Economy