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Johnny D's Health Zone Plus

"The Healthy Choice for Healthy Lifestyles"

Southwest Florida Region


Why the Coronavirus Recession Is Different

Duration:  10 minutes

Is Another Great Depression Near?

Duration:  11 minutes

Click Here to Watch the Full Interview 

How Covid-19 Led to a Wave of Bankruptcies

Duration:  13 minutes

What's Next for the U.S. Economy?

Duration:  11 minutes

How Capitalism in America 

has Changed in the Past 30 Years

Capitalism and the American Pandemic

Duration:  27 minutes

Without the ability for consumers to buy things... 

capitalism can not work!

The Wall Street Journal:

 Article posted on 4/15/2020

"Lack of Savings Worsens the Pain of Coronavirus Downturn"

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Andrew Yang speaks about universal basic income

in the era of Covid-19.                May 10, 2020

Duration:  6 minutes

Learn More About Andrew Yang's

Response to the Economic Crisis

Why Are There Mass Layoffs In the U.S.?

Duration:  6 minutes

Business Insider:

 Article posted on 5/12/2020

"How the Coronavirus Recession Could Devastate Employment"

Click Here to Read the Above Article

Learn More About the 

Financial Health of Our Economy