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Johnny D's Health Zone Plus

"The Healthy Choice for Healthy Lifestyles"

Southwest Florida Region

Corporations vs Workers

Robert Reich Discusses Income Inequality

How Billionaires Are Getting Rich Off Covid

Duration:  5 minutes

How Corporate Welfare Hurts You

Duration:  4 minutes

What Happened To Organized Labor?

Duration:  13 minutes

Should We Abolish Billionaires?

Duration:  5 minutes

Seven Ways 2020 Has Exposed America

Duration:  6 minutes

Robert Reich's YouTube Channel

What's Wrong with Minimum Wage in America

Duration:  5 minutes

How American CEOs Got So Rich

Duration:  10 minutes

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Vox YouTube Channel

Crash Course: Income & Wealth Inequality

Duration:  10 minutes

Crash Course: Labor Markets & Minimum Wage

Duration:  10 minutes

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Crash Course YouTube Channel 

The Minimum Wage Debate Explained

(January, 2021)

Duration:  13 minutes  

(The final minute is a promotional ad.)

America's Unemployment Problem

(October, 2020)

Duration:  10 minutes  

(The last 2 minutes are a promotional ad.)

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Second Thought YouTube Channel

Rise-Up vs. Trickle-Down Economics

Duration:  2 minutes

Tom Steyer: "Tax Cuts for the Rich Are Stupid"

Duration:  3 minutes

Workers forced to train their replacements - cheaper foreign labor

Duration:  7 minutes

Public Policy Classes at Berkeley

Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich is a professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley.

Class 1 - Social Change: Thoughts on Wealth Inequality

Duration: 16 minutes

Class 2 - Jobs & Wages vs Consumer Behavior

Duration:  22 minutes

Class 3 - Who Gets Government Help?

Duration:  10 minutes

Class 4 - What is the Purpose of Corporations?

Duration:  16 minutes

How Consumers Help the Economy

Duration:  11 minutes

Duration:  6 minutes

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