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Johnny D's Health Zone Plus

"The Healthy Choice for Healthy Lifestyles"

Southwest Florida Region

Cool & Interesting Stuff

The videos below cover a variety of 

cool things and interesting topics:

       1.  The History of the Internet

       2.  Comedy & Entertainment

       3.  Life In the Future

       4.  Life In the 20th Century

       5.  Cool & Interesting Things

The History of the Internet

How the ​Internet Changed Everything

Duration: 14 minutes

15 Things You Didn't Know About the Internet

Duration: 7 minutes

Interesting Fact About Google

Duration: 11 minutes

How Did YouTube Start?

Duration: 12 minutes

10 Facts About YouTube

Duration: 11 minutes

The Story Behind MySpace? - (The "Other" Facebook)

Duration: 15 minutes

Comedy & Entertain​ment

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham & Peanut (1991)

Duration: 8 minutes

Comedy Central Presents: Jim Breuer

Duration:  19 minutes

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham & Peanut (2020)

Duration: 5 minutes

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Comedy & Entertainment


Life In the Future

Technology in the Year 2050

Duration:  16 minutes

Robot Maker Plans Mass Rollout Amid Pandemic (2021)

Duration:  4 minutes

Boston Dynamics: Building the Robots of the Future (2021)

Duration:  13 minutes

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Videos about the

Future & AI

Talks about his gift to teachers - by request

Beau is a southern journalist who is tired of 

a lack of common sense.

From his north Florida (south of Alabama) workshop, Beau talks about the historical significance of current events.  

Many history teachers send topic requests for him to discuss and explain for their students.

Talks about the "possible" end of capitalism

Talks about Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Talks about the meaning behind the $1,200 stimulus check

Talks about the state of our education system and teachers

Beau of the Fifth Column's YouTube Channel

Life In the 20th Century

This Section Coming Soon!

Cool & Interesting Things

This Section Coming Soon!

Iconic Painter Bob Ross

Bob Ross: The Happy Painter - Full Documentary

Duration:  1 hr 4 min

Top 10 Facts About Bob Ross

Duration:  9 minutes

Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings?

Duration:  11 minutes

The Joy of Painting - Season 20 Episode 1  (Air Date: 4/4/1990)

Duration:  28 minutes

Keeping the Bob Ross Dream Alive

Duration:  57 minutes

Watch More Videos on

Bob Ross YouTube Channel

Full Movie:  St. Louis Blues (1958) - Nat King Cole & Eartha Kitt

Duration:  1 hr 33 min

Watch Music Documentaries of

Artists from the 1950's - 1990's

Watch Inspirational Videos 

by Motivational Speakers

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Music & Stuff