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Capitalism vs Socialism 2020

The New Economy

Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich explains the socialism vs. capitalism debate.

The New Economy

Duration:  12 minutes

How To Save Capitalism 

Duration:  3 minutes

Socialism For the Rich and Capitalism For the Rest

Duration:  4 minutes

Watch this video on Youtube.

Don't Be Scared of Socialism

Duration:  3 minutes

Robert Reich on MSNBC Morning Joe (2017)

Duration:  7 minutes

Robert Reich's YouTube Channel

Capitalist & billionaire entrepreneur Nick Hanauer, talks about 

new theory of economics powered by reciprocity and cooperation.

Duration:  17 minutes

What IS Socialism?

What Is Liberalism?

Duration:  5 minutes

The Pros & Cons of Neoliberalism

Duration:  3 minutes

Understanding Democratic Socialism

Duration:  5 minutes

American Capitalism vs. Swedish Socialism

Duration:  13 minutes

Do Republicans REALLY "Hate" Socialism? (2020)

Duration:  13 minutes

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from Francesca Fiorentini

Economic "Crash Course"

Crash Course: Economic Thinkers

Duration:  10 minutes

Crash Course: Fiscal Policy

Duration:  12 minutes

Crash Course: Economic Systems & The Labor Market

Duration:  10 minutes

Crash Course: Karl Marx & Conflict Theory

Duration:  11 minutes

Watch More Videos on the 

Crash Course YouTube Channel 

    "Economic Update" with Richard Wolff

This is an interesting analysis on capitalism from Richard Wolff. (2016)

Duration:  36 minutes

Dr. Richard Wolff is a professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

He is known for his teachings on the Marxian economic methodology. 

Four Reasons Why Capitalism is Imploding

Duration:  7 minutes

What Exactly is "Capital" in Capitalism?

Duration:  9 minutes

Each video below is a 30-minute "class" on a different economic topic.

Understanding Marxism

Capitalism vs. Socialism

3 Basic Kinds of Socialism

Beyond Universal Basic Income

Richard Wolff's YouTube Channel

Capitalism and Marxism

What Is "Late Capitalism"?

Duration:  4 minutes

The History of Capitalism

Duration:  12 minutes

Who Is Karl Marx?

Duration:  9 minutes

How To Improve Capitalism

Duration:  6 minutes

Watch More Videos on 

The School of Life YouTube Channel 

Building an Ownership Economy

The videos below discuss a "new way of thinking" as it relates to the 21st century US economy. 

A New Way of Thinking About Capitalism

Duration:  7 minutes

The Real Problem With Capitalism

Duration:  7 minutes

Combining Wealth Creation and Wealth Distribution

Duration:  6 minutes

Watch More Episodes on the 

Ownership Economy YouTube Channel 

New Economic Thinking

Does the U.S. Need A New Economy?

Duration:  7 minutes

Big ideas for an Equitable Economy

Rutger Bregman on the Daily Show - March 2019

Duration:  13 minutes

Watch More Videos 

from Economic Thinkers

A Future Beyond Capitalism - Marxism / Socialism Explained

Duration:  25 minutes (Final minute is a promotional ad) 

Chances Are You Are Probably Already a Socialist

Duration:  10 minutes (Final minute is a promotional ad)

Watch More Videos from the

Second Thought YouTube Channel

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