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Southwest Florida Region

Music Documentaries  (This page is still a work in progress.)

The 1970's

The videos below are a collection of music documentaries  

that tell some of the stories behind the music of the 1970's.

Click on the Decade below to watch more true stories behind some of music's legendary artists.

The 1950's

The 1960's

The 1980's

The 1990's

Blues Guitar Legends


VH1: The Story of Gladys Knight & The Pips

Duration: 44 minutes

VH1: The Story of Natalie Cole (with 1999 commercials)

Duration: 1 hour 

Teen Idols

VH1: The Story of The Partridge Family

Duration:  43 minutes

VH1: The Story of David Cassidy

Duration:  42 minutes

VH1: The Story of Leif Garrett

Duration:  44 minutes

Leif Garrett - "I Was Made For Dancing"

Dance & Disco

The Story of the 1970's Disco Revolution

Duration: 1 hr 25 min

The Joy of Disco

Duration: 1 hour

The Story of Studio 54

Duration: 1 hr 4 min

The Story of the Bee Gees

Duration: 45 minutes

Barry Gibb: The Last Bee Gee (2019)

Duration: 17 minutes

The Story of ABBA - Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, Anni-Frid

Duration: 48 minutes

The Members of ABBA discuss their success and reunion (2018) 

Duration: 46 minutes

 Olivia Newton-John talks about her career and turning 70. (2018)

                                      Duration:  41 minutes

    ABC-TV Special with Olivia Newton-John, Andy Gibb & ABBA (1978)

                                            Duration:  20 minutes

Song Writers

                        Biography: The Story of the Carpenters

                                       Duration: 44 minutes

VH1: The Story of Neil Diamond

Duration:  49 minutes

VH1: The Story of the band Chicago

Duration:  43 minutes

Soft Rock 

Biography: The Story of the Carpenters

Duration: 44 minutes

The Story of Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, & Emmylou H

Duration: 57 minutes

The Rock Band

The Story of Journey

Duration: 43 minutes

The Story of the Band Foreigner

Duration:  42 minutes

                                  The Story of the Band Kiss  

                                      Duration:  43 minutes

Kiss Documentary

Duration: 41 minutes

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