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Johnny D's Health Zone Plus

"The Healthy Choice for Healthy Lifestyles"

Southwest Florida Region

 "Why Settle For Average... When You Can Achieve Greatness?!"  

This website provides information that can benefit your health & well-being - both physically and financially.

The website includes YouTube videos, informational slides and links to articles & other websites.

The site is divided into three sections - Finance, Entertainment & Health.

About the Website

Finance & Wealth

This section includes topics on:

a) The changing 21st century economy

b) The future of work & the workforce

c) The impact of the internet on wealth

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Music & Entertainment

This section includes videos on:

a) Different musical genres

b) Comedy and pop culture

c) Life in the future and other cool stuff

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Health & Nutrition

This section includes information on:

a) The current mental health crisis

b) The benefits of music & nutrition on mental health

c) Virtual (E-commerce) health store

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